Services and Specialty Areas

      Ø       Tracing Ancestral Lineages

           (Paternal and/or Maternal Direct Lines of an individual)

Ø        Uncover ancestral town and regional origins

Ø      “Filling in the Missing Blanks” 

Ø      Find potential relatives still living in Italy !

Ø         On-site research in Italy and the USA

         (Italian and U.S. Town Halls and State Offices)

     Ø         Microfilm research dealing with Italian records

            (The local Family History Center)
Ø      Access to a wealth of documents such as immigration    
     records, census, birth, death and marriage  

Ø     Document retrieval, for vital records; including original  
       photocopies of birth, death, and marriage records

Ø     Constructing family trees

Ø        Scanning photographs

Ø     Assistance with dual citizenship